This is a Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

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What am I up to right now?

Where is home currently?

SF Bay Area. Taking a break from subielife and currently back in the bay! I plan to stay here for the foreseeable future as the pandemic plays out.

Psst...if you want to know how far apart we currently are, click the following button ;)

What am I working on?

Becoming a {dev}athlete. Over the past months, I've been splitting my time 50-50 between coding and physical training.

On the coding side, I'm slowly working on upgrading this blog, while focusing most of my attention on building an ecommerce website for my friend's bakery—check them out if you're in the south Bay Area and would like to try some humongous, delicious cookies!

On the training front, I have mostly been doing sustainment work to keep my pre-pandemic strength levels while focusing on achieving a solid handstand. As of November 19th, I was able to achieve a (shaky) 30s handstand; and currently, I'm working on strength and mobility conditioning to achieve a full 60s handstand.

What else am I up to?

Meditating and journaling. One of the most helpful courses I took earlier this year was The Art of Self-Coaching by Ed Batista (an executive coach and teacher at Stanford University). One of my biggest takeaways from the course was the benefits of having a regular meditation and journaling practice. Since completing the course, I have been over a 4 month streak of daily meditation and journaling. I have found the practice immensely calming and intend to keep it up for the rest of my life.