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This is a Now Page. Inspired by Derek Sivers.

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Where am I right now?

I’m in the SF Bay Area!

If you'd like you know exactly how far apart we are, click the following button :)

What am I up to?

In search for a new job in web development

After 3 years since reading this article and being inspired to learn how to code, I’ve reached a point where I feel ready to put my skills to the test in the real world. If you or anyone you know has advice on finding my first developer job, I’d love to chat!

D3 to Svelte chart conversions

As a learning exercise, I’m currently working on converting the official D3 examples to Svelte. You can follow along with my progress here.

Working on my handstand pushup

Despite recovering from a shoulder and elbow injury I got from climbing, I’m staying on track to achieve my goal of unlocking the handstand pushup this year. I’m following a plan by Yaad and seeing great results! If you’re interested in following my training progress, I occasionally post updates on Instagram.