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Bee Snapped—Tony Dang

What is Bee Snapped?

Bee Snapped is a project where I, Tony, am offering my services to snap free, studio-quality portraits for everyone (more on this below), with the goal of snapping 150 of these portraits for the project to be considered complete.

What’s the story behind this project?

Photography and helping friends with random requests are some of my favorite pastimes. So, when I was looking for side project ideas and friends told me that they were looking for new profile pictures for LinkedIn, Facebook, Tinder, etc...I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to offer a portrait service for free, for everyone, up to a set number of snaps?” And just like that, Bee Snapped was born!

How are these portraits snapped?

I originally snapped these portraits in my DIY home studio, which really was just a couple light stands in a hallway of my house in San Jose, CA. However, since then, I've decided to experiment living the nomad life, so now, these portraits are taken on location depending on where I currently am in the world.

You can find out where I currently am and even exactly how far apart we currently are by checking my Now page.

Would you like to bee snapped?

As mentioned above, the goal of this project is to offer my services for free and snap up to at least 150 portraits. When I started, I intended to be only snapping portraits for friends and friends of friends, but have since expanded to include anyone who has found their way to this blog. So yes, that includes you (yes, you—the person reading this).

At the moment, I'm currently not doing any shoots due to the pandemic, but I plan to be taking appointments again once things are more settled.

I will announce to my mailing list when I'm shooting again, so sign up if you would like to be notified.

Snaps from previous shoots—

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