This is a Now Page, inspired by Derek Sivers.

What am I up to right now?

Where is home currently?

SF Bay Area.

Taking a break from subielife and currently back in the bay! I plan to stay here for the foreseeable future as the pandemic plays out.

What am I working on?

Becoming a {dev}athlete.

Over the past months, I've been splitting my time 50-50 between coding and training calisthenics.

On the coding side, after finishing my first non-personal project (an ecommerce website for a friend's bakery), I moved on to rebuilding this blog from scratch using Flask, PostgreSQL, and TypeScript. Recently, I've been working on learning the D3.js library for data visualization and also built my own Buy Me a Coffee page using Stripe.

On the training front, I've switch my focus to achieving calisthenics skills as my number one goal. Specifically, I am working on improving my one-arm pull-up and front lever, while trying to unlock the straddle planche and handstand push-up.

What else am I up to?

Meditating and journaling.

One of the most helpful courses I took back in early 2020 was The Art of Self-Coaching by Ed Batista (an executive coach and teacher at Stanford University). One of my biggest takeaways from the course was the benefits of having a regular meditation and journaling practice. Since completing the course, I have been on a streak of daily meditation and journaling. I have found the practice immensely calming and intend to keep it up for the rest of my life.