Bee Happy 🐝

What’s with the bee puns?

As some may have noticed, there are a few bee puns sprinkled throughout this blog. What’s the deal? What’s the story behind these bees?

Well...once a upon a time, a friend gifted me a bracelet that simply said, “bee happy.”

It was a simple punny gift based on an inside joke between us, but it grew to become a reminder for me to always be happy no matter what the circumstance.

Since then, I’ve always worn this bracelet as a reminder to be happy and to smile. I’ve also noticed bees more often in the world around me, and they serve as a reminder for me to smile.

The sprinkling of bees throughout this blog is my attempt at passing on this happiness to those around me.

I hope that now that you know the story, the sight of bees on this blog also brings happiness and a smile to you. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes to smile and to be happy.

Bee Happy,

--Tony 🐝