Tony Dang

Hi there, I’m Tony.

I created this blog with the assumption that visitors will mostly be friends and acquaintances, but for those of you whom I’ve not yet met, here’s a quick summary—

Me in 10 seconds…

What is this blog about?

This blog started out as a space for me to host projects I was working on as well as document my nomadic experiment. However, with the pandemic, I have hunkered down and decided to devote my time pursuing what most excites me, being a {dev}athlete—a web developer and calisthenics athlete.

I'm far from being an expert developer and athlete, but I am an avid learner that dives deep into topics that excite me. This blog is a space for me to document what I've learned, both to reinforce my own knowledge and to help others who are pursuing the skills of web development and calisthenics.

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What am I up to right now?

Check out my Now Page.